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The New Urban Renewal Strategy

In line with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s emphasis on public engagement in recent years, the Development Bureau carried out an extensive 3-stage public consultation between July 2008 and June 2010 to review the urban renewal strategy, during which over 2,400 public opinions/comments were received. A revised Urban Renewal Strategy drawn up on the basis of the broad consensus reached during the extensive public engagement was published in draft for public consultation between 13 October 2010 and 13 December 2010 pursuant to the requirement in the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance. Over 70 written submissions were received. This new urban renewal strategy, published on 24 February 2011, has been prepared taking into account the comments received.

The Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) is a government strategy the implementation of which should be undertaken by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the other stakeholders/participants. The new URS has been issued to the URA. When preparing its draft corporate plan, the URA has to follow the guidelines set out in this document.