Mrs. Carrie Lam
Secretary for

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) review website.

Over the next two years, the Development Bureau will be sharing information and gathering public views for the URS review on how best to create a quality living environment for all Hong Kongers, while maintaining the unique character of our city.

For Hong Kong, like most developed cities, dealing with ageing buildings and urban decay is a priority, not least for the people living in rundown areas which are in urgent need of regeneration.

Among the community, there is growing enthusiasm to protect historic buildings and parts of Hong Kong that have become interwoven with our lifestyles.

The Chief Executive has highlighted his commitment to ensuring that all residents can enjoy quality city living by rejuvenating old quarters of the city, while at the same time protecting historic buildings and improving the overall living environment.

People have higher aspirations for more open space and lower development density.

Civic society wants greater say in shaping the city and public participation.

Amidst these laudable objectives and formidable tasks, how should we take forward urban renewal work in Hong Kong? What should be the role of the Urban Renewal Authority? How should affected districts and residents be effectively involved in the process? These are pertinent questions we need to answer.

I hope you will get involved in the URS review through the discussion forum on this website and express your ideas for Hong Kong's long-term development so that we can all look forward to enjoying the fruits of urban renewal.

We welcome your comments as we embark on this review with passion, commitment and above all, open minds.