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URS Review Partnering Organization Programme Phase 1 Activities Overview cum Reports

Report 1 Details
Name of Organization Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists - Hong Kong Centre
The Institute of Hong Kong Architectural Technologists
Project Name How to strike a balance among Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Revitalization and pReservation (4R) in Urban Renewal
Programme Details A forum was held to discuss how to strike a balance among Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Revitalization and pReservation (4R) in Urban Renewal. Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education students and their members were invited to participate in the forum.
Implementation Schedule April 2009
Report Report
Report 2 Details
Name of Organization ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School
Project Name 「市區更新你我他」(Chinese only)
Programme Details Organized project-based learning activities under the topic of Urban Regeneration to increase students' awareness and participation in Hong Kong's urban renewal and cultural conservation. Activities include briefing session, case studies and topical activities. The objective is to build up students' awareness on sustainability, national identity and sense of belonging to Hong Kong.
Implementation Schedule March - May 2009
Report Report (Chinese only)
Report 3 Details
Name of Organization The Chartered Institute of Building (Hong Kong)
Project Name Urban Renewal - The Opportunity and Challenge to Construction Professionals
Programme Details Set up 2 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Events under the programme for their members and keep them updated on the latest urban renewal development.
Implementation Schedule 29 April and 21 May 2009
Report Report
Report 4 Details
Name of Organization Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators (HIREA)
Project Name Comprehensive Review of the Urban Renewal Strategy
Programme Details Engaged the various professional groups within the HIREA in the Review process and encouraged active participation through a series of Professional Engagement programmes, e.g. Seminars and questionnaires.
Implementation Schedule March - June 2009
Report Report
Report 5 Details
Name of Organization Hong Kong Institute of Land Administration(Poster)
Project Name Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) Review from Modern Land Administration Perspective
Programme Details Invited members and university students to participate in seminar and workshop to share their knowledge and experience on Urban Renewal, and provided suggestions for the Review.
Implementation Schedule June 2009
Report Report Appendix (I - III) (IV) (V) (VI)
Report 6 Details
Name of Organization Roundtable Community Ltd
Project Name Urban Re-Creation - a Junior Journalist Project
Programme Details Designed to encourage Secondary students to think and explore the different aspects of Hong Kong's renewal areas, and examine the future of URS review through learning the skills of news reporting, writing and photography, as well as conducting site visits at various areas under renewal. Reporters, photographers, scholars, residents in renewal areas or urban planners were invited to explain the concept and policies of urban renewal. Participants could focus their studies according to their own interests in urban renewal. The submission made by the participants were commented and modified by professionals and the final version uploaded onto the organization's website.
Implementation Schedule March - August 2009
Report Report (Chinese only)
Report 7 Details
Name of Organization Leadership 21, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Project Name The Eleventh Youth in LegCo: Basic Certificate Course for Youth Community Leaders
Programme Details High school students were invited to participate, experience and learn about the principles for policy discussions in LegCo. Students learnt more about URS Review through workshops, community visits and seminars.
Implementation Schedule February - May 2009
Report Report (Chinese only)
Report 8 Details
Name of Organization Community Cultural Concern
Project Name Exhibition and Seminar on Alternative Urban Renewal
Programme Details Workshops were organized to increase general public's knowledge on Western cities and Hong Kong's urban renewal case, through which valuable experiences could be gained and general public's vision and imagination on urban renewal can be widened. Feedbacks collected from participants would become important reference materials for Hong Kong's URS Review.
Implementation Schedule 7, 14 and 18-28 June 2009
Report Report (Chinese only)
Report 9 Details
Name of Organization HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Project Name 有機社區 – 九龍城社區活化實驗計劃 (Chinese Only)
Programme Details Programme aimed to stimulate students' interests in their surroundings through learning Kowloon City's special architectural features. Workshops, exhibitions and forums were organized to increase their knowledge in Kowloon City's geographical conditions and changes in community.
Implementation Schedule June 2009
Report Report (Chinese only)

(Last update: 15 March 2010)