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Review Process

The review process is structured into three stages, namely "Envisioning", "Public Engagement" and "Consensus Building". Two Consultants have been appointed to undertake consultancy services in support of the Urban Renewal Strategy Review. A-World Consulting Limited will provide consultancy services for public engagement while the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong will conduct a study on Urban Renewal Policies to research into urban renewal policies and practices in comparable Asian cities. To allow a thorough deliberation of various urban renewal issues, the whole review process is expected to be completed in about two years.

Stage 1 - Envisioning

Jul 2008 - Jan 2009

  • Setting agenda for the review process and the range of topics and issues for discussion.
  • Soliciting key concerns from relevant stakeholders, related organizations and the general public through a series of focus group discussions and other channels.
  • Arranging a seminar on overseas practice to enable overseas experts and professionals to share their experience with stakeholders in Hong Kong.
  • Issuing an Envisioning Report detailing and ranking the issues, problems and agenda items gathered through various channels together with the findings of the studies on urban renewal policies forming the basis for consultation with the public during Stage 2 – Public Engagement.

Stage 2 - Public Engagement

Feb 2009 - Dec 2009

  • Helping the community to better understand what urban renewal can accomplish and the issues of concern and collecting their views on how the concerns could be addressed.
  • Presenting issues identified at the Envisioning Stage to the wider public for thorough discussions.
  • Facilitating and encouraging greater involvement of the public through prevailing web technology and other publicity and means of communication.
  • Working closely with relevant District Councils and partnering organizations in organizing some of the public engagement activities.
  • Releasing a Public Engagement Report on views collected with relevant analysis on the options available.

Stage 3 - Consensus Building

Jan 2010 - Apr 2010

  • Reviewing the findings of Stage 2, including the choices and preferences of the public on different issues and options.
  • Holding a series of workshops with active participants identified in Stages 1 and 2. The general public is also welcome to join the discussions.
  • Identifying the majority views on the relevant issues and preparing a final report based on the majority views identified and findings of the policy review study.
  • In light of the findings of the policy research study, the engagement process and the final report, the Steering Committee will make recommendations to the Government on the areas of the existing URS that need to be revised and the directions of change.