Urban Renewal Idea Shop

About the Idea Shop

The Urban Renewal Idea Shop was open to the public free of charge during the Public Engagement Stage and Consensus Building Stage of the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) Review.  Located at the vibrant Wanchai core, the Idea Shop served as a convenient venue for organizing various public engagement activities during the URS Review, and for URS Review partnering organizations to hold meetings, workshops or seminars. Moreover, the Idea Shop also let visitors offer their comments on the Review, enjoy its exhibition displays or visit the URS Review website at its computer corner.

Following the completion of the Consensus Building Stage of the URS Review, the Idea Shop was closed after 30 June 2010.  For enquiries, please kindly contact the public engagement consultant, A-World Consulting Ltd. (Tel: 2114-4974 / Fax: 2865-2559).


No.38, Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai