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URS Review Envisioning Stage Focus Group Discussions

We are arranging a series of focus group discussions from September 2008 to December 2008 for the Envisioning Stage of the Review.  The focus group discussions are subject to the following set of ground rules.

Focus group discussions

The purpose of holding the Envisioning Stage focus group discussions is to identify issues, their priorities and agenda items to be considered under the URS Review.  They are different from, and complement, future public forum discussions to be held during the Public Engagement Stage.  

Invitation & number of participants

To achieve more in-depth discussion, focus groups will be kept small (target around 15).  The organizer, i.e. A-World Consulting Ltd., will invite and arrange people of similar background, such as professional groups, affected groups, business groups, advocacy groups and political groups, in the same session. 

In view of the target audience size and venue constraints, if the invited organization wishes to nominate more than one representative to participate the focus group discussion, please give prior notification to the organizer for necessary arrangement.

The invited organizations and the registered persons will have the priority to attend the focus group discussion.  Due to constraints of venue and safety reasons, the organizer reserves the right to arrange “walk-in” participants who has not registered to a particular session to attend another session to be arranged at different date and time.  The interest and details of “walk-in” participants would be noted for arrangement to attend other focus group discussions if agreed.

Notes of discussion & recording

Summary notes of focus group discussions will be uploaded to the URS Review website as soon as practicable after the discussion sessions.

As focus group discussions are not intended to be public forums and in order to encourage free and in-depth discussion, verbatim records, audio or video recording of the deliberations will not be publicized.

The organizer, however, may make audio and / or video recording of the discussion sessions for working purposes which will be retained in confidence.  The organizer may also take photos of the discussion sessions for publicity purpose.

No audio, video recording and/or photo-taking by participants is allowed.


A facilitator is appointed to take charge of each session and facilitate discussions.  The facilitator, assisted by the organizer, will conduct the sessions in accordance with this set of ground rules.


If members of the public would like to join the focus group discussions, they are welcome to register first and they will be invited to the appropriate discussion sessions.  For enquiries and registration, please call Mr. Luk of A-World Consulting (Tel: 2864-4844) or e-mail to

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