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Related Studies and Reports

In the process of the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) Review, we have commissioned a series of studies which explore various topics related to urban regeneration in order to obtain better understanding of the urban renewal practices in comparable Asian cities and to have a more objective assessment on the work of urban renewal in Hong Kong. Details of the Research Studies are listed below.

The progress of the URS Review is marked by the reports covering the Review process under Public Engagement. Other supporting reports are grouped under the Partnering Organisation Programme and Study Visits.


Research Studies

Policy Study on Urban Regeneration in Other Asian Cities

We commissioned the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong to conduct a study on Urban Renewal Policies to research into urban renewal policies and practices in comparable Asian cities namely, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The objective of the study is to identify lessons that can be learnt from the policies, practices and experiences of the selected Asian Cities which may serve as useful references for the URS Review. The main study together with additional reports have been completed.

Urban Regeneration – District Aspirations Study

District Aspirations Study

To make the URS Review more comprehensive, we invited seven District Councils which cover the URA's target areas each to conduct a District Aspirations Study (DAS) to identify respective district's aspirations for urban renewal. A consultant was appointed to conduct the study by each of the seven District Councils, namely Central and Western, Wan Chai, Tsuen Wan, Sham Shui Po, Yau Tsim Mong, Kowloon City and Kwun Tong.

The seven District Councils shared their preliminary findings of their Districts Aspirations Studies at the "Urban Regeneration - District Aspirations Study Forum" for District Councils organised by the Development Bureau and the URA at Noah's Ark in Ma Wan on January 9 2010. Final reports on the studies were submitted in April 2010.

Building Conditions Survey

Building  Conditions Survey

The Building Conditions Survey aims to provide an update on the structural conditions of private buildings over 30 years old in Hong Kong and to collect information on the social living conditions inside these buildings. The survey is being conducted in two phases, Phase I of which was a desktop study of 1990's Buildings Department (BD) survey data for all private buildings built between 1946-1980 in Hong Kong and was completed in April 2009. Phase I obtained some preliminary results by projecting the BD data to estimate potential building conditions in 2009. Phase II commenced in June 2009 and comprises on-site visual inspections of about 3,000 buildings in the URA's areas, selected samples of which will also be subject to internal flat inspection, on site testing and sampling, a living conditions survey via face-to-face interview, as well as economic valuation of building samples to compare  rehabilitation and redevelopment options. Phase II results would enable refinement of the preliminary Phase I data, and would provide the basis for ranking conditions of the buildings and projection of the building decay in Hong Kong.  The Phase II Survey will be completed by the end of 2010.

Study on Building Maintenance Programmes

The Study is a stock-taking exercise on all the available building maintenance assistance programmes currently provided by the Government, the HK Housing Society and the URA. The study aims to identify and map out funding support for different types of building maintenance works as well as possible further collaboration amongst the various institutions and bodies providing such support. This study has been completed.

Economic Impact Assessment Study on the URA's Urban Regeneration Projects

The Economic Impact Assessment of the URA Projects has taken CityWalk and Vision City in Tsuen Wan as the study target to assess the economic impact of this project in the Tsuen Wan area, using indicators like income levels, business volumes, rentals, property prices, and job creation figures to draw comparisons before and after the project. This study has been completed.

Study on the Achievements and Challenges of Urban Renewal in Hong Kong

The Study aims to respond to Members' and the community's demand for a study on our local experience of urban renewal. The study focuses on a number of URA 4R projects for analysis. An extension study on the future direction of the Social Service Teams has also been conducted.

Tracking Survey on URA Redevelopment Projects

Tracking  Survey

To find out whether and to what extent the lives of residents affected by URA's redevelopment projects have improved as a result of redevelopment, the URA has commissioned the Hong Kong University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct two tracking studies on affected households and commercial operators in the KwunTong and Hai Tan Street projects, taking their pre-redevelopment conditions as the baseline with follow-up surveys conducted at certain intervals after their relocation. The interviews are being conducted in stages, and the SC papers below highlight the progress to date. The first tracking study report below details the initial findings from the Hai Tan Street project. Final reporting of the studies is scheduled for 2011.

Public Engagement

Final Report

Study Visits